Tues 5th. 7.30. DazzleReel – Moonlight

DAZZLE will be showing a number of films at various venues, but Tuesday is our main feature night, and we are excited about the movie Moonlight.

‘A look at three defining chapters in the life of Chiron, a young black man growing up in Miami. His epic journey to manhood is guided by the kindness, support and love of the community that helps raise him.’

A genre-defying film. Its visual splendour belies its tough, surface-level subject matter, while the performances pull us deep below that surface with their soulful naturalism.

Please join us as we enter the dark world of cinema with illuminating content. By now the DAZZLE crew (you) will be getting to share stories. This is a good opportunity to relax together.

(For those who have attended previous Film Seasons at St John’s, there is a rumour that Tom Jones might make an appearance in one guise or another.)

A pop-up showing of Jonathan Glazer’s fascinating and disturbing science-fiction movie Under The Skin will occur during the week, others will be announced.

DATE – 5th Sept 2017
TIME – 7.30pm
VENUE – St John & St Stephen’s
COST – No Charge


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