Weds 6th, 7:30. Storytelling and Song

Ruth Blake & friends invite you to an evening of music and storytelling at The Fisherman’s Cottage.

MUSIC from ethereal songstress  Ruth Blake, who carries her audiences on powerful wings across lyrical skies, through ever-changing landscapes that prise open our hearts, connecting us to our most intimate pains and joys. In one moment simple, hypnotic guitar riffs and crystalline vocal melodies lead us open-eyed into the darkness of the void; at another her wild spirit calls our human community to unite with rousing lyrics for this time in history –  inspiring us to return to the truth of the heart.

Having tentatively begun performing solo in the Autumn of 2014 with just 3 of her own songs; Ruth then wrote, crowd-funded, and recorded her debut album, ‘Lullabies for Grown-Ups’ in a flurry of inspiration, releasing it just 14 months later on the Winter Solstice of 2015.

She has been compared to Joni Mitchell, Nessi Gomes and Ayla Nereo, with her newer material adding flavours of Florence and the Machine, Portishead and PJ Harvey.

Through blazing fire and icy waters, flirting with the clouds in their mischief, or plunging deep into the beating heart of the earth… wherever she takes us, we can trust that she will always lead us home.

STORYTELLING from Outrider Anthems’ Director, Jennifer Leach. Bees and Black Holes, the mad & funny How Animals See in the Dark? followed by an interactive story that invites its audience to participate.

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